Rockbrary Review for The Biddings Of Tyrants

Rockbrary Review for The Biddings Of Tyrants

Industrial Death Metal-

1476626670521I had to do a review on this album by this New England band, Invertia,  simply for the mere fact they are brutal with some sci-fi sounds to it. Think Cyborgs playing death metal, sending a message of resilience, revolt and devastation. Those are some of the main apocalyptic topics this duo covers encompassing it with some amazing effects and samples. The world has a way of manipulating our perception of reality affecting our mental state, for instance this years elections and now new presidency under way. Propaganda, fear, and panic is what this album talks about, perfect time during these harsh times. Their style has a mixture of Mayhem, definitely big Ministry fans, and Godflesh, but their style can be bit more aggressive in terms of propaganda. The track “Scatter” off their forthcoming album The Biddings of Tyrants starts with a brutal quote “wow something just blew up” -cries a woman, immediately this brutal duo blasts their cannons, followed by a very intricate guitar riff what seems chaotic and a minute of confusion for those in danger, it might be an eye opening to what horrific attacks might be like. This track is vicious, with guttural vocals and a great galloping drum sequence in minute 2:20, following sirens, and screams of those in the center of attack. The album will hit the stores on December 9th, 2016 and it is a self release record, the self produced album The Biddings of Tyrants is a mechanical machine, unstoppable filled with aggressive energy, that which will explode all over your face. Pre-Order your copy now, and make sure to support your local metal bands. Keep it Metal!

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