JP’s Music Blog Review for The Biddings Of Tyrants

JP’s Music Blog Review for The Biddings Of Tyrants

Next up is the latest release, “The Biddings Of Tyrants,” from Industrial Metal duo Invertia. Their music combines elements of death metal, punk and electronics to create an intense, mind-numbing sound that is hard to resist. Their new ten-song release begins with howling vocals of “Another Big Brother” as the song’s rhythm fires off like a machine gun. They continue the onslaught with the fast-pace of “Dystopiate” and the intense, soul-crushing rhythm of “Thetan Hop.” Invertia work up the perfect death metal anthem with “Scattered,” before finishing with the mach speed of “Trapped & Tailored.” To find out more about Invertia and their new release “The Biddings Of Tyrants,” please visit their Facebook page at