Through The Black Bubble (2023)


Reinforced algorithms / Forming your bubble / A false bias / With no rebuttal / In circles, spinning / No voice, agreeing / Become bursting / Through the black bubble / Now piece together / Your own puzzle / Like seasons, clashing / Irrational in passing / Through the black bubble / Take your first step / And little by little / You’ll see the process / Make the connection / One dot to the next / Through the black bubble / One dot to the next


Soon you’ll see it all / Come down to the wire / With everything ablaze / You’ll be preaching to the fire / Spoiled and sick, nothing new / Round and round we go, burning through and through / You don’t have to tell me what I’ve told you before / Consumed, perfumed and rotten to the core / Always third guessing and undecided / I’ll find you an opinion to confide in / I’ve walked that path / And spoken with the liar / No more wisdom words / You’re preaching to the fire / So feel the heat and shut your mouth / But not to worry, it’s on the house / The fire is free and the burns are forever / So get comfortable for this eternal endeavor / Always third guessing and undecided / I’ll find you an opinion to confide in


I can’t show you the way, for I too am lost / I don’t have the answers, I’ve gathered too much moss / We have no wings and can’t predict the wind / No need for sails, bathing in this sin / Show ourselves, so that we can see / What we’ve become, what we will never be / And this is not the norm / Give me a question, oh so vague / I am the answer, and this is the plague


Who are you speaking to? / What are you asking? / Zero revolution / A generation relaxing / A nightmare with a pulse / Checkered black and white / We recoil in disgust / The grey is glowing tonight / The spokesman for no one / A big mouth on deaf ears / A ego of righteousness / Playing into your fears / Integrity versus oppression / The age-old question / Honesty versus agenda / A constant dementia / Always a belief / One way or another / Leaning in direction / Or running for cover


Loose is the madman, how he has changed / Death of the innocent, butchered and maimed / Tyrants of tirades, nose-diving down / Out of control at the speed of sound / Speaking in tongues and inciting fear / Bringer of war, Hell is here / An ending no different than any other / And newly appointed by The Old Suckers / Your time has come to die so young


A vitriolic tide coming from the screens / Mesmerized and numb, fall victim and believe / Welcome to where it’s bait and switch / Just another facade for all of you to click / To each their own no longer exists / When we all make each other sick / Distracted and dull, a hollow skull / Mind-bending and never ending / Brick by brick, span of attention / Hunched over, too much tension / To each their own no longer exists / When we all make each other sick


His ticks and his tocks are not on your side / He will always betray you, so enjoy the ride / Whatever I tell you, you can trust my path / I have been a leader, and I have been last / You’re young and you’ll never die / Believe me, I understand / But as it turns out / The hourglass has sand / Just a fragment of time is our own existence / So follow me through the least of it’s resistance / Going faster and faster / Faster than we wish / Hours fleeting and fleeting / Until the last kiss


Never-ending upgrade, ominous obsession / Bring me back when we had some direction / Some sympathy killing for the constantly bombarded / But now set them free, they’ve been outsmarted / Expect nothing in return, always only on repeat / Rising through the black, the super morbidly deceased / These options of acquisition with seven levels of lust / Will burn right through you leaving fleshless dust / An incompatible culture, the societal deity dies / Nowhere to go now except where mediocrity thrives

The Quiver (2022)


When you screech high enough / Then the glass will crack / And if you look deep enough / Then the black will look back / So don’t let the light in / Through the crack in the glass / And don’t show your feelings / Through a hole in your mask / Be what and who you are / After all, you’ve come this far / And when the walls come caving / The debris is merely bathing / Swim and soak / Wear it as a cloak / Flow and tread / To the death’s bed / No reason to care / No reason for worry / The endless anxiety / Funeral and buried


We’ve learned nothing / What else is new / The same mistakes / And right on cue / What we call history / Just keeps repeating / Then we’re on track / For more of us depleting / When it’s your time / It’s your time / So when the good Lord calls / Get in line / You’re above disease / And will live forever / It’s not our business / But you’ll have to do better / We know it won’t happen / So wait for corrupt / Some kind of approval / Just late fate erupt


In a time of celebration / Don’t tarnish the talent / With one-sided speech / And deformed balance / Your horse is high / You’ve come a long way… maybe / Now show ’em what it really takes / To be the leading lady / No one cares to hear you / Love to hear yourself / No one’s listening, crazy! / So, sell somewhere else / Consider your footprint / It’s you’re true legacy / So save your breath / You’ve been through enough I guess


King Of The Quiver / May your patterns ascend / Welcome betrayal / It inspires revenge / King Of The Quiver / Let us hear your hiss / Puncture the skin / The venomous kiss / King of kings / Strike and spit / Administer the facts / They just can’t admit / Face the slither / With injected veins / He is the cobra / Who eventually reigns / Naja Hannah / Naja Hannah

The Crimson Screen Vol. 1 (2017)


An Unstoppable Force / With Ferocious Intent / But A Bullet of Silver / Begins Its Decent / Under the Moon / Wolfs Bane Blooms / Hence the Howling / Werewolves Assume / The Shape Shifting Men / Become Now Wolves / Therianthropic / Lykanthropos / Terrorizing Hillsides / With Fangs for the Feast / With Claws for the Kill / Rise! Full Moon and Her Beast!


Unholy Creature / Blood is the Life / Transylvanian / Phantom of the Night / Pointed Fingers / Pointed Teeth / The Black Death / Nocturnal Beast / Casting No Shadow / In Darkness No Light / Shape Shifting / Death bird in Flight / Hymns of the Bat / For the Maiden Fair / A Summoning Charm / The Vampire Stare / A Ghostly Figure / Seeming Unreal / A Crimson Elixir / For His Last Meal / Dissonant Symphony / A Visioning Glisten / You May Not Know / You’ve Been Bitten / Pale White Neck / An Alluring Sight / Puncture the Flesh / Eternal Life


Hung On A Hook / In the Lone Star State / A Childlike Monster / With A Face On His Face / Ear Stretched Chin / The Bone Couch / Cut Out Eyes / And Sewn Mouth / Pull the Choke / Spin the Blade / Salt the Wound / Leatherface / The Saw Shines / The Saw Gleams / Run For Your Life / Scream Sally! Scream! / Fire It Up! / Why Not? / Face Off? / Chop Top! / Lost Cause / Psychopath / Twisted / Bloodbath


Arms Out Streched / Wondering Eyes / Silver Streaks / Through A Black Hive / Emulating Higher Power / And Actions Beyond Sin / Taking Dead Men Apart / The Doctor Is In / A Black Science Magic / Adorned In White / Achieving the Results / Of A Nightmare In Daylight / Created From Cadavers / Of Merely Mortal Men / The Monster Needs A Mate / So…The Good Doctor Does It Again!

The Biddings Of Tyrants (2016)



Exfiltration / Information / Survey and Smother / When One Is Not Enough / Another Big Brother / Without Warrant / Never Dormant / Tormenting and Invasive / Intercept and Decipher / When One Is Not Enough / Another Big Brother / Without Warrant / Never Dormant / Another Big Brother


Totalitarian / Arrogance and Greed / Overthrow He / Who Sits In the Seat / Systems Ecologic / Ravishing Obsession / Forcing Nature / Through Regression / No Hope For It / Dystopiate / Stagnant Lifestyle / More The Same / Perfectly Capable / Choosing Pain / Selection of Leaders / Proving Mundane / Always Ending / At Start Again / No Hope For It / Dystopiate


Reject Interpretation / Of Old Scripture Writings / A Warmongering Jihad / And Never Ending Fighting / Infidel / Apostate / No God But Allah / Child Recruit / Self Proclaim / Killing In His Name / Kidnapping and Slavery / Crimes Hideous and Heinous / Non Sunni Executions / By the Faceless and Nameless / Intimidation / Systematic Rape / Cruel Beheadings / Sect Of Hate / Kidnapping and Slavery / Crimes Hideous and Heinous / Non Sunni Executions / By the Faceless and Nameless / Christian Minority / Muslim Blood / Assassinate / Muhammad


We Know That You’re Hiding / The Question Is Where / We Know That You See Us / With Your Infinite Stare / The Eye’s In Your Emptiness / A Slither Between Your Steps / Latched To Your Life / Hand In Hand In Whatever’s Next / Fleshless In Real Time / Lurking In Cyber Space / A Formal Introduction / I’m The Man With No Face / Under Your Fingertips / And Stuck To Yourself / You Still Don’t See Me / Here, There, and Everywhere Else / A Clenching Grip / Attached At The Hip / There’s Nowhere To Go / I Am Your Soul


Under Xenu’s Key and Lock / Can You Imagine? / To Infinity and Stop? / Is Everybody Clear? / The Thetan Hop / Alien Emperor / Super Entity / Next Stop / Infinity / Bidding of a Tyrant / Blessings of the Beast / A Galactic Confederacy / An Agenda of the Weak / A Forthcoming Madness / Alien Inter-scoping / Earthling Space-Shot / The Thetan Hop


Ashes and Ember / Are All That Is Left / In Your Path’s Wake / You Can’t Change the Death / This May Take Some Time / A Memory Benign / No Rear view In Sight / The Three Inverted Nines / Send Me A Sign / That Crosses The Line / A Yesteryear Vision / The Forever Incision / There Will Be Things Undone / There Will Be Lessons Unlearned / The Past Can Be Blocked / But It Will Never Burn


Spewing Shrapnel / Bloodstained Ground / Screaming Streets / Deafening Sounds / Transform Trauma / Shock waves Shatter / Acts Of Terror / Everyone Scatter / Scatter / Unleash Manhunt / National Threat / Feel The Force / Payback Death / Subscription To Suffer / Distribute Hell / Launching A Chaos / For A Tale To Tell / Scatter / A Standoff For Hours / Finally In Capture / Nothing Short / Of Total Disaster / Maintain Security / Patriot Act / There’s No Prevention / From Another Blast


You Cut Off Our Parts / And Let Us Sink To the Bottom / You Hunt From the Top / To Merely Say “I Got One” / It’s No Way To Live / Knee Deep In Feces / I’m Not An Experiment / To Further Your Species / I’m Not To Serve Man / But Part of a System the Same / And If We Weren’t Defenseless / You Would Be The Game / We Are Not for Torture / But To Exist In Our Place / We Are Not for Capture / We Are Not for Taste


Diabolic; Conquest / Alcoholic; Oppressed / Existence Exit / Once Were Things That Are No More / There Is Only Internal War / Institution; Balance / Disillusion; Talents / Existence Exit / Hedonistic; Maggot / Realistic; Racket / Existence Exit / Once Were Things That Are No More / There Is Only Internal War / Exit Existence / Mortal Resistance


Barbaric Grip / Snapping Necks / Skinned Alive / No Compassion / Commercial Slaughter / Cage and Kill / Factory Farmed / Trapped For Fashion / Set To Suffer / Gage and Gauge / Pounds of Pressure / Stitch and Measure / Trapped / Tailored / Carcass / Industry of Torture / Byproduct Senseless Death / Striking Down Innocence / Extinction Nothing’s Left

Another Scheme Of The Wicked (2014)



The mission of the damned, a completion of days and the sidewinding serpent with a slither of the saved / From Resurrection to Revelations, the book, the binding, page after page continues the sidewinding / Leaders, believers, Christ on their palate, increasing rhythm of the horseman’s gallop / And the quest of their filth bowing to their Pope, but in the waning moonlight… the lungs of the lyncanthrope / Straight and narrow, the disciples of light, and without landing, the raven’s flight


A merging of church and state / Faith hope disintegrate / Annihilate all in sight / Begging crooked cross eyed Christ / a demise of puritan thought / the mighty demonizer / I control and do not serve / The great equalizer / On a plain of writhing serpents / End times now lower the curtains / Through orgy redemption / Pro death protection / Disguised as a man of peace / The nine numbers of defeat / Transgressing satanic might
Begging crooked cross eyed Christ / Another scheme of the wicked / a cleansing, a renewal / to all order an end / complete mankind removal


You are the feather falling from the raven / you are the born again that ain’t worth saving / you are the wolf that’s left by the pack / you are the limp in victim after attack / You are but all fantasies that have gone awry / Merely an object of… so then who am I? / You are barely machine, pieces and parts / I am amongst the forbidden, the cold black hearts / are you so blind, are you not to see / the one you are looking for is me. / I’m in your everywhere shrouded in scrutiny / I’m all around you void of community / I am here, I am now So easily dismissed / In the blackest of the blacks seeming not to exist / Its always the one you expect the least / The hands you shake thy neighbor or priest / a perfect stranger in the wayside indirect / we’ve said it before we’ll say it again / we’re the one you least expect


An overwhelming consciousness, dead-end desires, promises promises, everyone’s a liar / Nothing more than a misfit fiend with blood in my alcohol stream, a spinning directionless twist with only one fate, the decades / I used to have feelings, now I’m just numb forgetting who I am, forgetting where I’m from / Like an hourglass with no sand, useless and free, inevitable void, pointless journey / Idolization circles, everything times two, crippling tactics, what’s the use.


There is a hatred that’s unspeakable / there is a curse that is unleashable / in the parentheses of normal / are unfathomable lies / and in a land barely there / that’s where the sin is growing / skin becomes ash / faces turn black / there’s nothing you can do / except laugh / bite down, grin and bear / they’re fucking everywhere / And there are smells that last a spell / and dumbed down torture we call hell / I will boil all the seas / I am Mephistopheles

Invertia (2013)



Puncturing the cerebral / Facility of the feeble / With neglected remorse / More minds to contort / Thought process erased / Manufactured delusional face / Under false pretense / Hidden human experiments / Zero investigations / For mistreatment of patients / Ice pick lobotomy / No chance of autopsy / Mutilated treatment shock / Traces of operations locked


Innocent primate / Infected rage / Calling out / Evolution’s praise / The sun still sets / Birds still sail / Repent government / All systems fail / Sacrifice to survive / Earth, virus, genocide / Horizon now infernal / Futureless normality / Echoes of abandonment / Desolate reality / Mankind: decline / Necessity male and female / Conception now priceless / All systems fail / A desecration of hope / A glimmer of faith / Blood and saliva / Hosting hate / Corrosion of creation / The Nazarene impaled / Bereavement benign / All systems fail


Through depths so tranquil my senses reel / Transparent being innards revealed / A false front eternal, a glowing of gray / Bidding good riddance, a parting of ways / A plea in the distance gets less, now lesser / Using the useless and judging the jester / A borrowed deception / Threads hardly holding / A blank demeanor / I see your gray glowing / Engulfed in your fear / Amounting to merely filth / Surroundings disappear / Time for blood to spill / Surroundings disappear / Time for blood to spill / A selfless dependence / Individual network / Reaping all harvest / For whatever its worth / A conscience that’s lacking / A feeling for mourning / Prepare the scenario / Liar take warning


Manipulate the situation / A place for everything and everything in your face / Take what you need / Ignore the best / And when you’re begging and pleading / And someday believe me you will be / Don’t look my way / I will extend your suffering / The selfishness approved / An attempt at amends / Greed with a plan / An excuse to pretend


Uncontent with simply demise / A fathomless hatred unrecognized / Clenching fists, grinding teeth / Boiling blood in a stuttered speech / Irate demonstration / Rage orchestration / Fear merely fixture / Death elixir / Torches of perdition ablaze / Lost in my assessment maze / In a dimension oppressed / Unleashing whichever comes next / When flesh becomes fire / Rational and reason retire / My vision forever stained / A crimson red I explain


Peeling the layers that make up the self / Transforming the being and the hand that was dealt / From this moment on I surround myself in / Renouncing the light and embracing the grim / A swarm of bleakness, My eyes gone black / Overwhelming chills forever intact / Like never prior a hatred threshold / Pushed past it’s margin now demons unfold / Renounce the light / Embrace the grim


A militant desecration / An extinction of sin / A want, a need / Nothing in-between / The hatred of Senses / The hatred of joy / Beasts of prey / Senile in mind / Position archaic / Insistent upon creation / The mistake of man / Conditional bliss / Nails, wrists / Political insinuation / Eternal punishment / Anarchical jew / Evangelist spew / An abortion of instinct / Desire obliterated / Nihilist deity / Pilate’s pierced, fucking bleed


A commonwealth of corruption with nowhere to turn / Killing for profit masked as concern / The meter reads red, Who’ll strike first? / Welcome the new way perpetual alert / A trail of intention leaves a path of destruction / On a dynasty of dissonance and it’s futile resistance / The meter reads red, Who’ll strike first? / Welcome the new way perpetual alert


Do you go through your life with your hands at the sides? / With that infection on your shoulders covering your eyes? / Internalizing your vision as if it’s all that exists / You’re the judge, You’re the jury I’m the sentence, I’m the verdict / I tried to apologize saying “I’m not the enemy” / And now I’m pleased to announce I’m more than happy to be / My love is not a messenger for your fingers to twiddle / I retract my half so now there’s no middle / Just a nemesis reminder, take your grudge and hold / Just a nemesis reminder, it’s you I fucking loathe


May you sail on a ship of oak / Through Valhalla’s Halls of Gold / Black ravens above, black oceans below/  Odin up high welcomes your soul / Your fine day too soon has come / Bugles raised high ring for a fallen son / On chariots of fire pulled by stallions of black / Brave and triumphant with hammer attack / Blood: Are the shores of battle / Fire: Where once was land / Death: Spreads like disease over the common man / Blasphemy be my name / Possessed is this parade / Leaving lifelessness / In your journey-less wake / Breaking barriers, conquering hoards / In battle now, man meets sword / Founding father of all extreme / Cracking the clouds, crushing supreme / with innovation you live through timeless sound / unleashing all passion we might not have found / On chariots of fire over Asa Bay may you preside / On stallions of black over the Nordland you ride / Set your course surrounded in flames / Blasphemy, blasphemy be my name

(In memory of Thomas Forsber 1966-2004)