Exclusive Album Stream: Invertia – “Another Scheme of the Wicked”

We’re pleased to bring you the exclusive stream of Invertia‘s new album Another Scheme of the Wicked, out tomorrow (April 8th) on Ohm Resistance. You can stream the album below.

Some information about the songs from Invertia:

“The Sidewinding”

This song is more spaced out than the rest of the tracks on the record, and we knew it should be the first song because of the way that it kicks in. The song is about dodging and weaving in order to get where you need to get in life. Think about the monster in The Werewolf, he had to be something entirely different to get where he needed to go but underneath he was still the same person. Between the samples, the hooks, and the lyrics it is a high point for Invertia. This song is an example of our “buzzbeat” drum section complementing the vocal track.

“Cross-Eyed Christ”

This is a fun song to play and it is our personal favorite. The first line of the song is “A merging of Church and State” and it really can’t get any scarier than that, which is what is happening in the world today, going back to the divine Emperor model. It’s about how we are giving the authority the right and ability to spy on us. When a president says something like “we will be the most transparent government to date” and then continues to collect data behind the scene invading our privacy in doing so? That is what this song is about. RUN!

“Void Of Community”

If the dog sees black and white, and the cat sees red & green, and we see what we see, it is an aversion of vision. Lets say we go to Mars, how are we supposed to find something if we don’t know what we are looking for? Your senses can only do so much. I’m sure it’s beyond that, which we tried to reflect in the wall of sound that this song is made of. It’s almost punk, but it’s dissonant, it’s a combination of free thinking and an old standard & if you are going to do something innovative than that’s how it’s got to go.

“Hourglass Without Sand”

This song is about how sometimes people have to get really sick to enjoy life, but at the same time it’s a pointless journey. It’s Invertia’s nod to doom which also influences us. It’s all speed, except where it’s not.

“They’re Everywhere”

When you’ve just about had enough. Everywhere you turn, it’s the same bullshit as what’s in the rest of the songs, isn’t it? There’s another Cross Eyed Christ, there’s more Sidewinding. Bite down, grin and bear, they’re fucking everywhere. And we are all a heard in line to these people. George Carlin said “Lead, follow, or get out of the way. I obstruct” which was a huge influence on this song.

“The Sidewinding (Justin K. Broadrick Remix)”

We were excited to get Justin K. Broadrick to remix this song for us & though we can’t speak for him on this track, we love how he interpreted the song. It’s partly Jesu & partly Godflesh which was exactly what we were hoping for. Kind of a shoegazing metal, if you will.

“Cross-Eyed Christ (End.user Remix)”

End.user pulled out all the stops with his psychotic beat programming to this song. It’s top notch product & again, though we can’t speak for him, it’s another high point on this release and adds a nice divergence to the rest of the album, especially for those without a limited vision.

“Void Of Community (TranZi3nT Remix)”

TranZi3nT: I wanted it to sound closer to the song & I knew that the other artists were going to take their versions out to space. A tall building is pointless, now we can stack more people on top of each other. So I kept it simple.

“Hourglass Without Sand (Submerged Remix)”

Kurt from Submerged remixed this song & is now a member of Invertia. Kurt says: When I was contacted by Invertia for this remix, I was not a member of this band yet. I had just gotten out of federal prison and was motivated to make music and express my dissatisfaction with the way things are. I felt Invertia’s sound was complimentary to Submerged & was compelled to take their elements & augment them aggressively.

“They’re Everywhere (R3TRD Remix)”

R3TRD: When I remixed this track, my entire personal life was a chaotic mess & I took that emotion and forced it back through the song. I wanted to enhance the rhetorical sentiment within the song & add to the creepiness. I slowed it down to a crawl and flipped it on end which was exactly how I was feeling. Those who think they can get away with saying the shit that comes out of those who oppress will never have me.

About Invertia:

Invertia are a New England duo – guitarist/vocalist Dave Coppola and drummer/programmer Tim Winson. A mirror displaying some of the darkest paradoxes and truly terrifying segments of American society, Invertia’s music ridicules the hypocrisy of cult-religious fervor with nitroglycerin and napalm shred guitars and psycho-bombastic drum programming. The follow up album to 2013’s self-titled debut, Another Scheme of the Wicked combines a blistering 5-track assault with 5 remixes from musical backgrounds, including Ohm Resistance veterans Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu), End.user (The Blood of Heroes), and Submerged (Method of Defiance, The Blood of Heroes).

Invertia has been described by Metal Army America as a “bastard child of Gorgoroth.” One could also view them as a hybrid of Skinny Puppy, Suffocation, Merzbow, and Edward Snowden: revealing the truth by demonstrably inflating the cultural lies and political deceit of our times to a soundtrack of black metal dissonance and their infamous programmed “buzz beat.” One of the absolute scariest moments ever recorded on Ohm Resistance occurs during the R3TRD remix of “They’re Everywhere,” with a Pentecostal preacher vampirishly admonishing children to visit with him as he speaks in tongues. Must be heard to be believed – as well as the entirety of Another Scheme of the Wicked.