El Barrio Interview

How did you guys come up with the name Invertia and what’s the meaning behind the name?

It has to do with the fight of everyday life, handling all the bullshit & subtext and really digging down to a certain way of realness, where nothing has been sugarcoated. Stuff such as people thinking their opinions mean so much but to the rest of the world don’t mean what they think that it does.

According to your career and band you guys are from England is that correct?

Crikey! We are from NEW England, Mate! Tim lives in Massachusetts & Dave is in New York. On the first album we wrote all of the songs in the same room but now we are transferring music back & forth through Skype which is evolving our sound & making us be even more creative.

Now the band consist of Tim Winson and Dave Coppola are there other members in the band that makes up Invertia?

No. We both have worked with others through the course of our careers but we are the only members of Invertia. Everything that you hear, is US!

You recently have an album out called “INVERTIA” how’s the new album going so far for you guys?

The new album is still in the works, so there’s not much to talk about. However, we just released a single called The Sidewinding (available for download on Itunes, Amazon etc.) and we are also working with Kurt from Submerged & Lynn from End User who have remixed some singles that we plan to release shortly which we are very excited about.

On the album INVERTIA there’s a few tracks I like. ALL SYSTEMS FAIL, CRIMSON AND BEASTS OF PREY. These tracks were like rawness to its purest form. How you guys come up with the song arrangements and lyrics?

We write sections of music & if they are compatible & work together then we keep it. Sometimes it takes a while for a song to be completed (like Crimson,) other songs write themselves (like Glowing Of Grey.) Some songs don’t make it & we regurgitate elements into other songs, or the song will undergo some extreme transformations along the way. Once the music is finished, Dave will add the lyrics.

In your music what’s the message you are trying to reveal to your fans and listeners?

We don’t really have a message, we are just writing about the things that make us angry or that seem controversial in society today.

How did you get into the heAvy Metal Music?

When Dave heard 80’s thrash bands like Kreator and Celtic Frost he knew that was what he wanted to do, and likewise for Tim when he first heard Kraftwerk and Killing Joke, artists like those made us want to write music.

How did you guys teamed up to forming INVERTIA?

We both had projects going on when we met & it just seemed natural to collaborate together.