Invertia – Through The Black Bubble – Reviewed By Metal Digest!

Invertia – Through The Black Bubble – Reviewed by Metal Digest ! Check it out here at this link:

If you’re having a nice day, got a spring in your step, or have the slightest inkling of a smile, Massachusetts’ very own Invertia will have none of that. From their website: a hybrid of Skinny Puppy, Suffocation, and Edward Snowden. Seriously, I can’t top that, but I will add that with ‘…Black Bubble,’ the band delivers a wondrously oppressive dose of the dismal. Unapologetically ugly, gloriously lo-fi, and bleak, the album is quintessential Industrial Doom and decay. Sometimes driving, sometimes slithering, undeniably captivating, “…Black Bubble’ proudly hoists the flag of the dying light.

Over its 20-year history, Invertia’s sound has evolved. ‘…Black Bubble’ retains the darker elements while, at times, lowering the tempos a bit. However, after listening to their earlier works, I find it all quite satisfying.

“Old Suckers” feels like slogging through the world’s haze, not really caring if the days get better or not, while “What We Will Never Be” is the music you hear just before the axe falls. The brutally mechanized “Vitriolic Tide” could easily mesh into any blacked Thrash album; I can’t recall ever headbanging and being left so emotionally gutted. At times an odd mix of emotions, which I’m sure is the intent, ‘…Black Bubble’ hits all the marks dead on. – Metal Digest

Release Date: January 13, 2023 

FFO: Tombs, Dream Unending, Worm

Location: New England

For over 20 years New England based artists INVERTIA have evolved from black industrial metal to punk/death metal to death/doom. Dave Coppola and Tim Winson return with the addition of Tim Donovan (ex- Watchmaker , ex- December Wolves ) this time they have down-shifted in intervals and beats per minute to create a different kind of oppressive. This full length album, with songs like Super Morbidly Deceased and The Old Suckers, hits the listener full force. This is not an album to be overlooked.