Zero Tolerance Magazine #76 Review

Zero Tolerance Magazine #76 Review

The Biddings Of Tyrants S/T

When The Biddings Of Tyrants exploded into life I thought I was going to be in for a brutal dose of well executed Death Metal.However as “Another Big Brother” became “Dystopiate” it became clear there was a lot more happening here. The surging death metal underlay remains in place, but songs stretch out into industrial territories, a mechanistic, sci-fi feel bleeding into the piledriving riffs. Then there’s a sinister, blackened fog creeping insidiously through every crack and politically driven samples too. Invertia just like to hit hard and use whatever tools come to hand – be that axe, claw, or laser-cannon. Genre purists need not apply, but if you just like it heavy – get in line. ck 3.5