Invertia Exclusive Release of “Trapped & Tailored” – Rockbrary

Invertia Exclusive Release of “Trapped & Tailored” – Rockbrary

Invertia Exclusive Release of “Trapped & Tailored”

New England Industrial Metal Duo INVERTIA will release their new album The Biddings of Tyrants on December 9. Their sound is brutal, and gives you the sounds of mechanical machines playing some furious  dark tones. The Biddings of Tyrants still retains the INVERTIA sound of industrial black metal with added elements of death metal and hardcore punk.

This is what Dave had to weigh in about the featured track “Trapped & Tailored”

“Trapped & Tailored is about the fur industry.   It points out the lack of respect wildlife.  It’s an industry that requires pain and suffering to thrive.  An appalling, unnecessary business.”


INVERTIA is influenced by many styles of music and many artists, including MINISTRY, ABORYM, MAYHEM, IMMORTAL, GODFLESH, and SKINNY PUPPY, as well as WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS and GEORGE CARLIN.


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Track Listing:
1. Another Big Brother
2. Dystopiate
3. Non-Sunni
4. Fleshless In Real Time
5. Thetan Hop
6. The Forever Incision
7. Scatter
8. Not For Taste
9. Existence Exit
10. Trapped & Tailored