Legacy Review

INVERTIA “Another Scheme Of The Wicked”
(Ohm Resistance)
After the self-titled debut, the American Industrial Black-Duo Dave Coppola and Tim Winson with “Another Scheme Of The Wicked “at least as bad, but no more Quite so low fi-produced hatreds. Still acting INVERTIA is still on a genre Axis and provide their five new pieces with neat Distortion, noise and occasionally input electronic Sequences and speech samples. ‘The Sidewinding’ lives by Dissonant riffs, the dark guttural growl Dave Coppola And a varied drump programming, which is not As unpleasantly noticeable as partial, in the following, more deathblead ‘Cross Eyed Christ’. ‘Void Of Community’ is back again In the black metal notch and moves throughout Faster vocals, with the vocals becoming more electronically distorted are. The similarly fast paced ‘Hourglass Without Sand’ Tipping after half in dragging, absolute desolation, at the End before taking on the ride before ‘It’s Everywhere’ The highlight in terms of disturbance comes across the listener. Of the Second part of “Another Scheme Of The Wicked” consists of remixes. The most famous representative would be Justin K. Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesus) The ‘Sidewinding’ a sluggish-oppressing monster , Which at least the reviewer likes better than the original. ‘Cross Eyed Christ’ in the remix of End.User (The Blood Of Heroes) And ‘Void Of Community’ by TranZi3nT (project by Dave Coppola) Show the tracks as well in a completely different, very experimental Gown like the ‘Hourglass’ with hard techno elements Without Sand ‘by Submerged (Method Of Definance, The Blood Of Heroes). The closing is ‘They’re Everywhere’ by Tim Winson His project R3TRD remixt, vigorously decelerated, but not less sick. Who is looking at INVERTIA something nice -misrepresentation. (IT)
9 points