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Invertia – Another Scheme of the Wicked (Review)
Posted: March 30, 2014 in Black Metal

Invertia are from the US and play Industrial Black Metal.

This is a release of two halves – the first five tracks are the album songs, and then the second five tracks are the album songs remixed. Side A and a Side B if you like, with Side B being longer than the first.

This is inventive and oppressive as only the best of Black Metal can be.

As extreme as this is they still know how to write songs. As warped and twisted as they are, and also know a good hook when they hear one.

The heavy effects, samples and noise conspire with the Black Metal core to create a claustrophobic and dense listening experience that coils around your brain and won’t let go until you have sworn blind fealty and obedience.

The tracks offer a bruising Industrial pounding with their blackened atmosphere, and there is a fair amount of variety on these tracks that it almost seems like different bands playing sometimes. It certainly seems like they have about five vocalists. Don’t mistake this as criticism though, this is a top release.

And all this is even before we get to Side B; the remixes.

I’m not normally a fan of remixes, as they are rarely done well, (in my experience). Here is an exception though as these reinterpretations of the originals feel like a continuance of the album and a further exploration into the dark psyche of the band, rather than being some novelty just tacked onto the end of a release, as is so often the case.

Intriguing, harsh and exciting; this is an album to keep returning to.